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Indolfi & Indolfi S.L. can advise its clients on all matters stemming from employment relations via a skilled team that is constantly studying new legislation in order to offer an up-to-date and professional service.

The services we provide through our Employment Consultancy team are:


  • Company registration with the Social Security system (employer registration) and contribution centres
  • Affiliation, registration and deregistration of employees, data amendment
  • Preparation of employment contracts based on the benefits and advantages of the available contract types
  • Preparation and delivery of monthly National Insurance contribution bulletins (TC1 and TC2)
  • Study of the correct Social Security registration of partners, administrators and relatives with ties to the company
  • Occupational accident report notification
  • Dealing with specific situations (maternity, permanent disability, early retirement)
  • Dealing with quota deferment, appeals against debt claims, complementary returns, settlement of balances with creditors and resolution of incidents
  • Dealing with medical leave, confirmation and registration (ILT)


  • Preparation and drawing up of contracts based on the characteristics of the position to be filled, the needs of the company, the personal circumstances of the employee, the type of contract available and the existing tax credit schemes.Permanent employment contracts with or without tax breaks
  • Temporary employment contracts with or without tax breaks
  • Training contracts (internship and training)
  • Contracts for persons with disabilities
  • Substitution contract
  • Amendment of employment contracts (conversion of temporary to permanent, extensions)
  • Employment terminations, redundancy
  • Suspension of employment via employee permissions or leave
  • Notification and registration of contracts with the Employment Offices (OTG)


  • Preparation of the monthly wage slips
  • Implementation of variables, complements, incentives and bonuses
  • Settlement of back-pay due to Collective Agreement review
  • Adjustment of withholdings based on remuneration and fiscal legislation
  • Preparation of settlements and redundancy payments


  • Study of the employment relationship, collective agreement and contractual circumstances of each case
  • Preparation of dismissal letters, redundancy payments
  • Negotiation with employees and works committee


  • Technical assistance during labour inspections
  • Collaboration on preparing the Occupational Risks Plan
  • Reconciliation with the CMAC
  • Participation in collective bargaining
  • Labour auditing
  • Visitors book legalisation

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