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Indolfi & Indolfi is the natural evolution of the law firm set up in 1944 by the lawyer Paolo Indolfi.

Since then, it has been providing legal advice in all areas of civil and mercantile law to small business owners and large business groups in Europe.

We can offer advice in terms of:


  • Business incorporation
  • Capital increases or decreases and other amendments to the articles of association
  • Corporate restructuring processes Transformation, merger, dissolution and winding up of companies
  • Mercantile contracts
  • Debts. Out-of-court negotiation and legal action to claim debts
  • Defence of consumer and user rights
  • Unfair competition


  • Regulation of relations with your franchise holders
  • Legal design of franchise networks
  • Franchise and master franchise contracts
  • Legal assessment of systems and products
  • Preparation of legal documentation on the franchise
  • Pre-contract documentation
  • Legal audits for the preparation of operation manuals
  • Implementation of Spanish franchises overseas and foreign franchises in Spain


  • Agency contracts
  • Exclusive concessions, procurement or referenced centre
  • Brand licence

In turn, we adopt an approach to our consultancy services to meet the requirements of the new communication channels and devices in the world today. This is done to offer legal support in the digital transformation processes being undertaken by companies, the regulation of requirements for online sales platforms and mobile devices or the review of advertising campaigns on social media networks in conjunction with regulations on the protection of data of a personal nature and the information and e-commerce society.


The firm has a sound track record in the field of employment law.

We cover every possible facet of this sector, providing comprehensive legal advice in terms of Employment and Social Security Law, from the drawing up of employment contracts to the representation of our clients involved in contentious issues before the courts.


The firm is equipped to offer the best assistance and advice to its clients, both during the contract period (drawing up the preliminaries and the final contracts) and the legal stage before the courts.


Our professionals also offer legal advice when negotiating mortgages.

Our work consists of accompanying our clients wishing to invest in the real estate sector, from the negotiation of the best possible mortgage through to signing the documents with the notary.

  • Overall study of the transaction
  • Analysis of all offers existing in the market
  • Negotiation on your behalf with all entities to obtain the best possible mortgage
  • We check the official status of the property and the existence of any possible liens
  • Presentation of the various offers from the different banks, together with our assessments
  • Legal advice when signing with the notary

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