International Area

Our foreign trade team specialises in accompanying our clients in their internationalisation process.

Our consultancy in this field includes an extensive range of customised services that guarantee constant advice during the international development of our clients, designing the most efficient structure to suit the needs of their businesses.

Our professionals are qualified to practice both in Italy and in Spain and, thanks to our branches in Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, Rome and Naples, we can offer legal and financial advice for the correct implementation of their activity in those countries.

The multidisciplinary and plurilingual team at Indolfi & Indolfi has proven experience in both the Italian and Spanish markets, and has spent the last few years establishing an extensive network of agents in other European countries, such as France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Spanish American Alliance

At the beginning of 2021 the Spanish-American Alliance is born thanks to the union between our firm and the Italian-American law firm Valla & Associates Inc, P.C..

Through this partnership we are able to offer our clients a homogeneous, qualified and increasingly integrated service in the three markets in which we operate.
The objective of the Spanish American Alliance is to facilitate commercial exchanges between Spain, the United States and Italy through the organisation of commercial missions, events and congresses, also taking advantage of the logistical structures of the two law firms in the three countries.
The Spanish American Alliance team is coordinated by the name partners of the respective law firms, Paolo Indolfi, who will head the Spanish department from Barcelona, and Antonio Valla, who will head the US department from San Francisco, and will be composed of professionals with proven experience to serve their clients in Spanish, Italian or English, providing advice on international law, real estate, corporate and commercial law.
The offices in which the Alliance currently operates are: Barcelona – Madrid – Naples – Rome – Milan – San Francisco – Los Angeles – New York.

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